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VISION MARKETING  Consulting Business


Over thirty years of business experience in the U.S. is the base of SMP's consulting service. We aim to provide support for businesses attempting to break into foreign markets. 


We have consulted for clients who operated in the high-end markets in the U.S. and Europe. Our greatest strength is our ability to provide hard-earned knowhow and experience in realizing Japanese product sales and product development.



The willpower and determination to shape oneself

Acting on deep imagination and expectation

making real objects and things



Implement, experience, and carve out your own market


SMP has started VISION MARKETING to partner with those who have the will to shape their own destiny.

  • Developing sales channels for overseas markets (planning and management for international trade shows, services on import/export, and more)


  • Product planning and development towards the overseas market (focused on high-end and luxury markets)


  • Partnerships and collaborations with foreign companies and designers


  • Being agents by the planning and management of domestic and foreign artists and designers


  • Planning and development of retail stores


Creative Director


Takanobu Matsuura

Space M Projects, Ltd., Japan

Creative & Managing Director

Starting as an entrepreneur in New York, Taka built his own import business through his experience as a buyer. Won the Best Allover Collection from the top U.S. International Trade Fair, New York International Gift Fair / Accent on Design.


Taka came to the U.S. in 1982. In 1986, he founded a New York State corporation focused on U.S. – Japanese trade business and consulting for various related industries.

In 2000, Taka opened a showroom and developed sales and marketing for Japanese lifestyle related products in the U.S. and European markets.


After establishing a Japanese corporation in 1998, he opened a lifestyle shop, STYLE MEETS PEOPLE, in Tokyo Midtown in 2007. Taka moved back to Japan in 2009.  He consults Japanese companies aiming to enter the U.S. and European markets on developing and producing retail stores and product development. He has deep knowledge around product development and developing sales channels targeting international high-end luxury markets.




Yukino Matsumoto

Simply Native Japan


A Graduate of International Christian University, Yukino was born into an artisan family creating silk products with the Oshima tsumugi weave, famous for producing the highest quality silk products.


In 2016 Yukino started Simply Native Japan (ABN: 84790609477) in Sydney, Australia, selling Japanese high-quality construction materials and interior products mainly to Oceania. She also has coordinated the interior design and furnishing for many star awarded restaurants. In 2017 Yukino established Simply Native, LLC in Japan, built with a structure of overseas expansion along with domestic operations. Yukino also is involved with consulting Japanese companies aiming to enter the Oceania market.

With diverse clients ranging from commercial construction, public facilities, and even residential housing, Yukino is introducing Japan's construction materials and products that shine a light on Japanese craftsmanship.


Coco Masuda

CoCollaborations, LLC

Founder | Managing Director

Coco Masuda is a native of Tokyo, Japan, but a New Yorker since 1980. She founded a creative and business services company, CoCollaborations, LLC in the summer of 2017. As a consultant collaborating with talented freelancers, she has been a bridge between Japan and the US/Europe for small and medium enterprises and artists. 


A graduate of Parsons School of Design, she is a renowned illustrator, graphic designer, and an artist. She worked with numerous corporations and international organizations over the years. Through the experiences of managing artists for a Japanese owned gallery in Chelsea area of New York, taking over her late father’s remittance and shipping business in Tokyo in 2013, managing it by commuting between New York and Tokyo for 2 and half years, then successfully selling the business to a direct competitor, she found that her real strength lies in managing creative talents and producing projects.

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